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Mytriapp is the new way to work with your information. Upload to Mytriapp any PDF, PPT, Word or URL. Underline them in any color , Search Wikipedia and Translate while reading, Create summaries with one click including citations and Bibliographies, and study with flashcards and Mnemonics games. Can you imagine receiving a summary freshly underlined from your colleagues? Don’t imagine any more! Register to Mytriapp.
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    Upload to MYTRIAPP any pdf, URL content, word, ppt or text you need to work or study with.

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    In Mytriapp you will find the most awesome tools to create summaries, read and understand any text or video without moving from the screen. So you will be much more productive

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    Don't let exams keep you awake at night! Mytriapp will help you study without effort with the mnemonic games and excercises the App creates by itself from the content you uploaded.

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