Tired of not being able to underline or comment PDF’s

How are you Mytrion? We were thinking about the reasons that led us to start Mytriapp.

-This is our face since then-

The truth is that there are many of them, but without a doubt one of the most important was our repeated frustration over the years to work with PDF’s. It’s impressive the number of versions that Adobe has been developing during all this time, however, today most people still cannot work with their PDFs propperly.

With the most basic versions of Adobe you can’t underline or comment which is why almost always we end up printing and working with them on paper, with the problems that entails for the environment and with the disadvantages of continuing to work with our information in a physical way. Leaving the summary for the exam at home, having folders crowded of paper, hurting our backs for carrying so much weight in the backpack … etc.

This fact is almost hard to believe for the 21st century.

Therefore, we decided to solve this problem and since then things are much easier.

Mytriapp, allows you to upload any pdf, and underline it in any colour you need, as well as allowing you to comment on it. Have a Look:

But since we were already there, we decided that there were still things to do. Because, what other things happen to us when we are reading a pdf?

Well at least three more.

  • It may be that our pdf is in another language and we don’t understand a word or a phrase, which means we have to be using our phone next to us or maybe the laptop with our navigator opened to keep consulting the dictionary or translation pages.
  • Another thing which can happen to us, is that we need to look for a term or extra information about something which we usually find in Wikipedia.
  • Finally, we were tired of writing our summary by hand of whatever we were reading at the time. So, we decided we could do better and included the notes to our reader.

This way, we achieved maximum productivity when working with a pdf, Word, PPT or a URL that interests us on the internet. Here’s a picture of our session:


We will cover the mnemonics games and flashcards MYTRIAPP creates automatically in another post, so stay tuned! And in the meantime Do not waste any more time while you work with the information, register in Mytriapp !!



Teachers of the 21st Century

Much have we talked already about the necessary changes in the current educational system in order to adapt it to the way students live in this new century, surrounded by new technologies and implementing more and more social changes and values ​​that previously weren’t taken much into account.

However, these changes cannot be applied only on the basis of regulations or adaptations by the institutions. It is also necessary for all actors involved to be aligned and ready to improve things, and just as students can take advantage of the new tools that will make them more efficient and allow them to have more information when the time of deciding what to do with their lives come, teachers should also adapt to these new times. Being active in the search for methods that lead to significant improvements.

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Searching for the Holy Educational System

We have been saying for a long time that the educational system needs a profound reform. But to do this, it would be necessary to study models that have already demonstrated productive functioning or to invent new procedures based on thinking whatever can be improved. When taking examples, do we have a model to follow regarding this topic?

According to the latest Global Competitiveness Index (ICG) of the Global Economic Forum, Finland is the third most competitive country in the world, in addition to the first country of the European Union that appears in the PISA ranking (program for international students assessment) created by the OECD since 2000, also appears as the second most innovative country in the European Union, only behind Switzerland.

There are many reasons, such as the good functioning of its public institutions, its low or zero level of corruption, its capacity for innovation, a good health system and especially, its magnificent educational system.

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Intelligence and its traps (II)

Hey Mytrion! Here we are again to follow up the different kinds of intelligences described so far! Let’s see them!

  1. Intrapersonal Intelligence

The ability to understand one’s self at all times, having clear reflections on one’s own feelings and emotions is characteristic of people with high intrapersonal intelligence. Philosophers and psychologists are often the most advanced in this field.

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Intelligence and its traps (I)

AAAAhhh intelligence and I.Q. … two concepts which couldn’t be more abstract!

Did you know that none of them can be really measured? So, how can there be intelligence tests or I.Q. tests and how can we be hearing from time to time that Peter is so smart because he has 160 I.Q.? Good for Peter! But if he is not able to stablish a friendship with other people, or there is no way he can learn to play a guitar, there’s no use having 160 I.Q.

The current educational system needs a profound remodeling. From Mytriapp, we have already spoken several times about the problems of a system based on scores, with completely determined and closed subjects, that do not allow analysing and developing the competitive advantages of each student. Everything in it, is based on competing with our peers, without a minimum interest in fostering the student’s own creativity.Continue reading

Defending a doctoral thesis with life, or not?

Student life, as you know, is very, very hard. We start studying when we’re very young, and, depending on what our goals are, we can devote many years to study. Getting to college, is already complicated by itself, but there are also people who decide to do a doctoral thesis, work that carries many years of research, dedication and incredible efforts.

And after so many years of studying, just the thought of someone being able to snatch our work from us is creepy.Continue reading

Top 3 Back To Studying Routine Tips

Time to go back to the study business and either in school, institute or in the university you can smell tragedy in the air.

Summer has been long and quiet and now we cannot conceive that we have to start studying again. Being disheartened and without any desire to start again is the most normal thing in the world, but don’t worry, everyone on the planet has the same feeling when returning from vacation, there are even some who are deeply depressed every Sunday afternoon!Continue reading

Babylonian theorem

Since we are very young we learn the Pythagorean theorem at school, or what is the same that the sum of the squares of the two sides forming an angle of ninety degrees in a right triangle, are equal to the square of the hypotenuse or longer side. Beeing, a*a + b*b = c*c


Only that, because of recent discoveries, the theorem might NOT be the invention of Pythagoras. It turns out, that a little clay tablet (Plimpton 322), dating from 1800 BC

and coming from the ancient city of Larsa, south of today’s Iraq contains fifteen rows and four columns of numbers, which are thought to be series of three numbers indicating the length of the three sides of a right triangle supposedly calculated by the known until today as Pythagorean theorem.Continue reading

Reasons to study Engineering

How are you Mytrion? We continue with the series of entries “Reasons to study” to analyze a career that turns crazy half of the population who decides to study it, we are talking about…… ENGINEERING!

Engineering is a highly valued career in our society. Although we all know that we are not talking about a simple career, many companies require engineers of different kinds, and the truth is that, although it is a sector that also suffers during recessions, engineering is one of the professions with a lower unemployment rate.

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Erasmus students and the cost of living

Years as a student are difficult. In addition to the pressure of having to pass our exams and thinking about what our future will be like, normally, we don’t have a dime to spend. Which means we have to be looking for jobs that can bring us some purchasing power, without taking into account whether we like them or not, simply knowing that we have to do them. At best, we have to keep asking for money from our parents, which although it’s not as hard as working it’s neither the most pleasant thing in the world to do.

This fact is even scarier when it is time to go to a European city to live, since we tend to think that everything will be more expensive than in our own city, and realise that we will also have to find a place to live and settle in it, which will increase our expenses even more.

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Paper and Pen VS Screen and fingers

The debate between continuing to use physical resources such as paper and pen, or start to make younger students work exclusively with the computer or tablet is hotter and hotter.

It was 2014 when Finland decided to establish the 2016/2017 course as a pilot test for the change and in order to do this, to begin focusing on typing classes, rather than keep forcing students to study calligraphy (without erasing it completely from their formation programs).

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Top 3 Key Concepts to present in front of the audience

Throughout our lives we will find ourselves in the situation of having to present a work or study. Whether it’s in college, university, or a congress if you decide to pursue careers such as biology, or medicine, these tips can come in handy.

And although it can often seem like an easy task, it is still a big problem for many people who are ashamed or even phobic about public speaking.

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May we never be afraid again

Today is a difficult day.

Yesterday’s attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils were extremely hard, and although in general, this Blog is and will continue being a space to talk about interesting topics for students and to contribute with relevant information about knowledge in all its forms, we cannot close our eyes to the barbarism we lived yesterday in Las Ramblas of Barcelona.Continue reading

Studying the Periodic Table Was Never So Easy

Hello Mytrion! Are you studying the periodic table of the elements? If the answer is NO, you do not know how lucky you are … But wait! If the answer is YES, you’re lucky too! J

The periodic table is a hard thing to study. Created in 1869 by the Russian Dmitri Mendeleyev, it contains all the chemical elements in the world. To give you an idea of its constant evolution, in the year of its creation it incorporated 63 elements which were the only ones known by then. However, the table has grown to include 118 elements today, containing natural elements (those found in nature) and artificial elements created by humans over the years.

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Top Freshman mistakes at University

Hello Mytrion !! We do not want you to hate us putting you nervous but … if you live in Europe … you start college in a month!

Sure you’re nervous or at least expectant to think about how it will be. And you should!! Your life is going to change radically! You will meet new people, find yourself in the middle of new situations and your personality will surely change. Over the years, we start to like things we did not like before, we get curious about new activities or places and start new hobbies that never called our attention until now. But in college, because we meet so many new friends, this fact multiplies. And for that reason, is a particularly interesting time in our lives.

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Top 5 cafeterias to study or work in Barcelona

Would you like something else??

Listening to this question every 5 minutes from the moment we finish our first coffee can be the trigger for not concentrating if we are working / studying in a cafeteria or, the fourth time we are asked, raise the table in anger through the air like in a movie before throwing a 5€ bill to the ground and leave without our change.

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Reasons to study medicine

Hi Mytrion! Here we are again with the series of entries “Reasons to study”. And today we are going to get into medicine.

Doctors are professionals who are extremely sacrificed during their years of study but also during their professional lives. As you know, medicine is one of the longest you can pick and although the years of the degree vary depending on the country in which you live, you will always have to add to the calculation the years of studying a specialty, if you want to do any. If after knowing this, you still want to study it, you are definitely very brave.

But, not everything is going to be bad with medicine!! True, they study during many years, but that also brings good things. It is one of the careers where the students on the same years acquire more confidence with each other, and we dare to say that it is one of the collectives which organizes more parties, events, dinners etc. Clearly if they have to be so many years together, they need to have fun!Continue reading


Hi Mytrion! What the heck is an SIRM? You’ll be wondering.

Well, before explaining ourselves we want to tell you a couple of things that you might already know, or not.

Mytriapp is a web application that was born out of our frustrations as students. And when we say as students, we are not making references to our time in college, but to our lives.

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Mindfulness for students

Hello Mytrion! How is the summer going? If you are reading us from the beach bar or from the towel under the sun and drinking something cold … please don’t tell us, okay?

Today we bring a not very famous yet amazingly interesting subject. In the last years the concept mindfulness is, along with the practice of Yoga (of which we will speak another day) conquering the hearts of the people who discover them and although you might have not heard of it yet, it is a concept which somehow, we all know and from which we have all taken profit at some point.

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How to get up early to study

ZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzZZZz …  BIP BIP BIP BIIIIIIIIIIP!!!!!!!! We stop it and… continue sleeping!!

Hello Mytrion!! Does this scene sound familiar? But it’s so hard to wake up in the morning, right? Every day thousands of people suffer the same situation but during our exams period, we suffer a lot more! And when we realize, it’s 12 p.m. and we’re still in bed it’s even worse.

Worst of all is when your best friend sends you a message to tell you that he/she has been studying since 5 A.M. Good for you! That’s because your bed is a piece of SH*T, you FREAK !!! you think, but even after cursing, they’ve already made you feel bad.

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Essential elements for studying

Hello Mytrion! We are back with another post to improve your studying experience and above all to make you feel comfortable and productive!

For this purpose, we are going to see which are the elements we recommend you have at your reach when you start working. It sometimes happens that, once we sit down ready to study we cannot focus or even have to get up several times to go and look for something, well, with this list you will not have problems anymore since you will have everything prepared before you sit down and study.

Here we go!Continue reading

Top 5 Benefits of Living in a Student Residence

Stress!!! It’s time to go to college! And if you haven’t had enough with overcoming the university entrance exams, choosing a career and focusing for such an important change, now you will also have to leave home and change your city, your region or even your country.

What are you going to do without your mother’s cooking, the clothes that wash by themselves and the pixies that collect everything you leave around your kitchen or living room and put it on its place. Some are so lucky that they don’t even have to make their bed. Well that’s over, folks! And you’re going to miss every little detail of it !! XD

The truth is that it is a life-changing moment for everyone who lives it. The feeling of incredible changes is often the first for many people and it is really not easy to adapt yourself to it.

Since we want to make things easier for you, in this post we bring the advantages of one of the options available in the city you go to study, which is living in a student residence. Here they go!

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The Mathematics of Music (III)

Hello Mytrion! Here we are again to finish this series of entries about music and mathematics. And today comes the main course!!

We have already seen how scales are formed, the progressions that must be respected for them and how we can move from one another. And now, without further delay, we can say that we are ready for the … Taraaa!

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The Maths on Music (II)

Here we are again!

Well, we have already seen how to form the Major and Minor Diatonic Scales. And also, how including a tone or a semitone in a certain point of the same formation we can create a kind of music or another.

Playing a Major scale, will make the music the music sound more joyful than playing a Minor scale.Continue reading

The Maths on Music (I)

It’s all math.

Yes, with this overwhelming sentence we want to start this series of entries. Because, if you think about it behind any phenomenon we can witness, deep down, the mysterious, abstract, complex and (for some) fun world of mathematics is always hidden. The physics and chemistry which are the basis for our lives, need mathematics to survive. Looking around you will see that all the objects we create contain lines or geometries giving them life and that fact can only be explained by mathematics.

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Typical mistakes in the Spanish Language

If you are learning Spanish there are some important mistakes you should have in mind and don’t commit. Those are important for a Spanish speaker they are very difficult to ignore, so try to pay attention to them and try not to include them in your speaking!

The truth is that most of us (Spanish people) have committed them at some point of our life and in many cases, we are so used to speak wrong that our brain makes it difficult for us to correct the habit. Therefore, we want to explain them to you, so you won’t make the same mistakes.

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Trip with friends

After studying so much, it is time for a little reward. If you live in Europe summer holidays are the perfect to take advantage of the good weather and get the opportunity to visit Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, London …

Actually, wherever you are, you sure have thousands of awesome places to visit and what better than to do so with your friends? In addition, a trip is always a good opportunity to discover a city in which, who knows, in the future you could go to study.

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Study better

Today we bring you some tricks to study better.

It is interesting to think that throughout our lives as students, we do not think much about how we can improve the process of study. The methods we handle are lifelong routines and, although they are fine, there are some techniques to study better that we can apply to our daily routine.

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How to Make a Summary

Ohhh the summaries! How many times have we asked our friends for one and how many have we done by ourselves throughout our studies? Lots.

As we encountered with the underlining techniques, today we bring a subject that despite being one of the most carried out actions in the study process, no one teaches us at any time, so each one has to find their own way to do as good as possible.

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How to learn a language fast

Today we tackle a topic that we have been asked by some people. How do you get to speak and understand a language quickly?

Sometimes we have the need to learn a language as quickly as possible, either because we are going to travel, because they move us at work, because the family moves to a new country, etc. And it is very important to know how to handle this situation to get the most out of it.

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Underlining Techniques

Today we approach a well-known but very little explored topic, such as the underlining of text for studying purposes.

It is pretty curious that our educational system compels us to learn to make square roots (which we will never use in our lives after buying the first calculator) and yet do not take a little time to explain to us an action as important as the extraction of information of our interest from any content through the techniques of underlining and marking.

For the same reason, there are many ways to underline a text. Each student does what considers appropriate or what thinks it’s best but it would also be interesting to have some basic “rules” to allow us take the notes of our best friends and understand how they have underlined them, right?Continue reading

How to study for your second-chance exams

Without noticing, summer is here. It seems like yesterday when we started this academic year in September and we went back to class with our colleagues after all summer.

But not everything is going to be sun and beaches this year. You have failed one or several subjects and you will have to study during the summer to take your second-chance exams in September. Sure, you feel low, angry and frustrated from thinking why is this happening to you studied the whole year.

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What is the Cataphora?

In the university entrance tests of 2017 in Catalonia, a question which was already formulated on 2015 has appeared again and though at the time left them unable to answer, they were ready this time. What is the Cataphora?

So much time preparing a test and it only takes a silly question which we were not expecting to appear and all our good feelings are gone. Fortunately, this year the students were well prepared and many have been able to answer the question correctly.

Well, apart from the not that good intentions of ​​the person in charge to include that question, how can we get out of a stress situation like this? How do we prepare ourselves to find such a question in a test and specially how do we focus when we find out that we have no idea about what they are asking? Let’s see.Continue reading

Studying makes sense when in an internship

Many times, we think that the subject we are studying has no purpose or utility. Subjects so complicated that we think we will never use them. And many times, we are wrong.

Oh My God!

Some undesired points are necessary to understand the general idea of ​​a specific subject and we do not realize about it initially. But we are not to blame, the educational system nowadays does not focus on giving us the necessary experiences to be aware of this fact and yet many necessary and important subjects we will be needing to face our professional lives are never taught nor even introduced to us during our youth.Continue reading

Reasons to study computer science

For quite a few years now we have seen that the number of ICT-based companies (Information and communication technologies) has grown incredibly.

More and more the world is focused on an unprecedented digital era covering from the most complex and incredible activities to our daily tasks.

Actions such as controlling our home from our mobile phone, buying our groceries online, talking to a person on the other side of the world seeing each other faces, ordering food for dinner with one hand, flirting with a boy or girl that we like or finding infinite information on any particular subject were not possible ten years ago, and really if our predecessors who lived until the 80s saw all this, surely, they wouldn’t believe it.Continue reading

Combat insomnia during exam time

A study by Diafarm Laboratories has concluded that 33% of students suffer from insomnia during the exams season. It is a pretty curious fact since it can be deduced that they do not suffer it during the rest of the year.

In addition, many of them have indicated that this situation affects them in such a way that they are blocked without being able to analyse or memorize any kind of information. There have also been some who have stated that the situation causes them dizziness, vomiting and tachycardia.

Well, clearly this state is generated by a situation of stress in which our crazy little head cannot stop thinking about whether we will pass, fail or can’t stop spinning about the year Henry VIII was born.Continue reading

Studying in Barcelona

Very few people need to hear the good facts of Barcelona. Located in a privileged environment on the shore of the Mediterranean, Barcelona brings right away some positive thoughts that few cities can equal.

Anyone who has visited its streets even for a few days will realize that it is not just any city. The change between sea and mountain, the narrow streets full of history, the great avenues with shops for the delight of everyone and the amount of communities that live in the city offer a unique gastronomic and cultural offer.

Let’s see some of the things that characterize the city and which maybe can encourage you to study in it.

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The three habits of the most productive people

There is always people who have time for everything. They play sports, they get good marks on class, know everything and have time to go with friends … How do they do it?

It is clear that we are genetically more prepared for some things and less for others, such as the different kinds of memory. But it is also true that everything can be trained and developed and therefore there is no reason to resign ourselves with our natural skills. Nowadays there are so many ways to exercise and develop all kinds of skills, so if you don’t work on your desired skills, it’s because you don’t want to!

Productivity is of course a skill that can also be improved over time. And above all, unlike memory it is a very tangible skill. Because we can easily realize whether we are being productive or not. It can be improved with small actions that make us be aware and correct previous bad habits. Let’s see the three top practices of the most productive people.Continue reading

Should I Study at home or at the Library?

More student’s dilemmas! Where is it best place to study? at home or at the library?

As with music this is a dilemma that depends on many things, for example, what you are studying? what you need for that purpose (if you need for example to speak up loud or listen to loud music and you don’t like wearing headphones) Or if you are a person who is more comfortable studying among others or you rather being by yourself.

Either option is valid and of course the two have their pros and cons. So, let’s try to see each one of them to try to go deeper and to extract your own conclusions.Continue reading

Studying with Music

What a Bum!! You have to start studying and stop playing the new cd they gave you for your birthday which you were enjoying so much.

But do you really have to stop the music? It depends. What kind of music is it? How does it make you feel? What are you studying?

For some people studying with music is absolutely necessary so they don’t fall asleep and don’t get bored. Music can be a very important motivational element making you more productive in some cases. Especially if you are doing a paper for college or study exercises for an exam.Continue reading

Should I continue studying? And what should I study?

Our lives as adults just starting. Gone are the summers of playing as many hours as we can without having to think about what we are going to do with our lives. Should I continue studying? And what should I study?

Actually, deciding what to do with our lives is or should be one of the first dilemmas we encounter down the road of life. And it really is a very difficult one! Most of us haven’t had enough experiences in life to decide what to do with it when the time comes and the current educational system is not focused on helping us to face this stage at all.

Many times, we are also influenced by the opinions of those around us like our parents or other close relatives who although wanting the best for us sometimes only get our heads even more messed up. As everything in life in the end the final decision is or should be exclusive from ourselves. So, more than telling you what to do with this post we try to help your crazy little head to have more information to decide what you want to do.


To study or not to study, that is the questionContinue reading

Best cities for university students

If it’s time for you to choose a college or you’re just starting to get ready to decide which one you should go to next year there are many things you’ll be keeping in mind. The first ones will surely be your needed marks so that they accept you, the quality offered in each one of them or how far from home are they.

All of them are very important. The first two because they determine whether you can or can’t access a specific university and because you’ve been working hard during the last years for that purpose.Continue reading

Should I study abroad?

You’re on your twenties. You’ve spent at least 17 of them going to kindergarten, school, college and finally reached University. Studying is not much of a secret for you. At this point you know exactly how much how you should spend your energies to pass an exam. You also know your Friend Mary has the best notes of the whole world, that your friend Peter is so smart he never has to study more than one or two days to get an A and that Charley…well… Charley will still be in university when your own children start their careers.

Since a couple of weeks ago there’s a question on your brain and you can’t get it out… Should I study abroad? You can’t stop watching videos and pictures on Facebook from friends of yours who have been on Erasmus and they never stop partying. Besides, your cousin (an Old Gezer now) told you Erasmus was the best times of his life and he wouldn’t change them for anything in this world. But you are still thinking:  ¿how am I going to leave my city, country, family and friends? And I’ll have to find a place to live and I don’t have money and I’m not THAT cool! It’s going to be hard for me to find new friends… bla bla bla.Continue reading

Study Tips

It’s never easy to study. Clearly is a special action to be carried out. We need to have the right weather for it, because if it’s raining we rather being on our coach watching Netflix and if it’s too sunny we rather being out with our friends enjoying our time. Also for no apparent reason we might be much more productive one day than another.

Many factors interfere in all the above, concentration, the season of the year, the temperature on the room where we are, the little fly around us, the cat asking to play with you or any interesting video on Facebook which makes us start in an infinite loop of videos where we will never ever come out from.Continue reading

Passing down our knowledge

Humans. Not even close of being the first animal who walked on earth. Actually the “pre-sapiens” from which we descend appeared about 600.000 years ago which makes us a pretty young species.

We were never the strongest or the fastest, in fact any wild animal might take a swipe on us and finish us or capture us without running too much.

What is it then that made us make it until today? How is it even possible that a species not specially evolved to be the strongest has achieved not only to survive but also to position itself first on the alimentary chain along this thousands of years?Continue reading

Tips to pass your final exams

You can see your final exams right in front of you. And with them you can also start to feel your nerves, the last minute studying marathons and you are also wishing to start the summer and come to Barcelona and drink beer by the seafront. But before that.. what are the techniques to study and pass that burden called exams in the best possible ways?

It’s is pretty clear that studying is a long-distance race and even if many of us have placed our eggs in the same basket for an exam studying the last 2 days it is much better to plan ourselves during the course while preparing the ground for a much productive and easy study time.Continue reading